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There must be at least two responsible adults (age 18+) per campsite whenever children and youth are present, or otherwise, one parent if camping as a family.

Pricing is for anyone 12 years of age and older. Ages 11 and under are free. Click Here for Retreat Rates & Information

RV Campsite Area

April November

(excluding June & July)

$35.00 per campsite/day

June & July

$50.00 per campsite/day (4 days or less)

$35.00 per campsite/day (5 days or more)

The above fees are based on double occupancy. Each additional person is

$10.00 extra per day

Max = 6 people per campsite

Extended Stay Rates

$300.00 + electric per campsite/month

$1500.00 + electric per campsite/season

(April – November)

$100.00  for off season storage

(December – March)

Hogan Area Campsite Fees

$10.00 per person/day or

$80.00 per campsite

Max = 12 people (6 per hogan structure)

Tent Platform Area Campsite Fee

$10.00 per person/day or

$40.00 per platform

Max = 6 people

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