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Bluestone always has projects and work to be done. For starters, there are 30 facility structures that are in need of staining, painting, or weather sealing at any given time. There are several different remodeling projects currently underway and many others that need attention.  In addition, there is generally firewood to cut and split, trail maintenance, and any number of projects that we never seem to have enough time to accomplish.

Bluestone does not have the luxury of affording the necessary staff it would take to deal with many of the tasks that are always before us. Thankfully, there have been many churches and individuals who have volunteered time, energy, and resources to help and enable Bluestone over the years.

If you or your church/organization are available to help, please contact us and we’ll see if we can get a work party together.  Financial contributions may be necessary to purchase material supplies.

Please give us call at (304) 397-5050 or