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Bluestone’s main campus has 15 cabins and 2 lodges with a total of 180 beds available to user groups. Cabins are divided into two sides. Each side has a bathroom, heater, and six beds (three upper and three lower twin size bunks). These comfortably rustic accommodations are ideal for two average size families, or they can be assigned as male or female cabins.

Bluestone does not provide bedding or linen services, though we do keep a limited supply of sheets, pillow cases, and blankets on hand for those who forget.

Below is the general floor plan for our standard cabins. Several are in one of three phases of our Basic Cabin Remodeling process. Check out the Friends of Bluestone section of our web site to learn what we’ve accomplished to date.



The “Health Lodge” cabin is the original infirmary that was built for Bluestone’s Summer Youth Camps, and it continues to function in this way every year in June and July. The rest of the time, it is our most adult friendly lodging facility. There is a full kitchen, sitting room, and three bed rooms that can comfortably sleep up to four adults, or a family of six. The bathroom has a bathtub/shower unit, one commode and a wash basin.

Health Lodge accommodations are also available for personal retreat through the winter months and on weekdays during the Spring and Fall.


The Greenbrier Lodge was the dining area in the 1950s as Bluestone’s facilities were being developed. The original master plan called for one “Unit Lodge” to be built for each cluster of five cabins. The Craig Lodge, however, was built in 1959. With plans for the Chapel/Assembly Building to follow in the early 1960s, it was decided that unit lodges were no longer necessary.

The space is now a small group meeting area and/or a single family lodging accommodation that can sleep 6. The bathroom has one shower unit, one commode and wash basin. The bedroom has one queen bed and there are two sets of bunk beds in the main living area. There is also a large stone fireplace with a hearth and a wood burning stove.

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