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Since 1953, Bluestone has been a place apart where thousands have heard and learned about Jesus Christ, his church, and his promise. It is sacred space where people have forged lifetime friendships as they become part of the Bluestone family. It is our belief that Bluestone is a blessed place, where the magnificence of God’s creation is equaled by the exemplary community of faith that is created there.

Friends of Bluestone, Inc. (FOB) is a West Virginia non-profit corporation organized solely to support the ministries of Bluestone Camp & Retreat. Our purpose, as Friends of Bluestone, is to raise funds for the maintenance and upkeep for this special place, thereby enabling and advancing Christ’s ministry… with faith and in the great hope that God will bless many, through Bluestone, for years to come.

Mission: Why do we do this?

Caretakers: To preserve the heritage of Bluestone for generations to come in order to have a lasting, positive impact on the lives of all who attend camp.

Builders: To enable the spiritual growth for people of all ages throughout all stages of their faith journey so they may learn about Christ, the truth of the Gospel, and what it means to be a Christian in today’s world.

Guardians: To provide a haven of God’s creation and escape from the distractions of everyday life, while engaging the Spirit and fostering the Body of Christ.

Goals: How do we do this?

By developing a robust alumni network with increased engagement opportunities for former staff and campers;

By increasing camp usage among WV Presbytery churches and non-church related groups;

By providing opportunities for capital improvements and succession planning through sustained funding and a major gifts campaign.

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