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There are currently nine cabins in various stages of our Basic Cabin Remodeling (BCR) Plan, and three others have been completed. The goal is to remodel ten of Bluestone’s fifteen cabins with volunteer support in three phases. The dollar amounts below reflect only the purchase cost of material supplies.

Phase 1

Replace compromised roof decking and shingles, install ceiling insulation, ridge vent, and new heater units. 


Phase 2

Remodel both bathrooms and install new PEX plumbing that will not freeze in the winter. 


Phase 3

Tear off the existing siding, insulate walls, replace windows, and reinstall new siding. 


Phase 3 of the BCR Plan was completed for Cabin 15 in November 2011. Five of the pictures below are of Cabin 15. The bottom one is of Cabin 6 in progress with Phase 3.






Phase 2 was completed for Cabin 6 and started on Cabin 7 in the fall of 2010. These pictures show contrast between this phase finished and as a work in progress.  Phase 3 began for Cabin 7 in the spring of 2013.  The BCR Plan for both cabins has since been completed along with three others to date. Four other cabins are in various stages of the plan are progressing as time and resources allow.